St. Paul Lutheran Preschool & Child Care Center

257 E. King St., Suite 2  Strasburg, VA  22657                   Phone: (540) 465-2393  Fax: (540) 465-2734  

Statement of Purpose:

St. Paul Lutheran preschool and Child Care Center (SPLPCCC) is a private, non-profit Christian day care for children 6 weeks through five years of age.  The Center operates on a non-discriminatory basis, providing equal treatment and access to services without regard to race, creed, nor color. 

St. Paul Lutheran Preschool and Child Care Center offers a rich blend of activities that promote spiritual, physical, intellectual, social, and emotional growth of young children. We follow the guidelines set forth in the Foundations Blocks for Early Childhood Education.  

​Typical Daily Schedule:

Special care is given to ensure your child remains active and is involved in a nurturing environment throughout his or her day.  View a typical daily schedule here:   

~ We are very blessed to have our daily activities supplemented by many

contributions from the community!  Each Thursday, Pastor Bill Nabers from

St. Paul Lutheran Church leads the children in chapel time to strengthen their

spirituality.  In addition, bible lessons and prayers are incorporated into our daily curriculum.  We also have many local community members such as teachers, firefighters, postal workers, and business owners visit the center to share their time and talents with the children.  

Infants: SPLPCCC understands how delicate and complex the early stages of life are for an infant. Providing a warm and positive environment and relationship with the world is vital to their development. Through their senses ~ touching, hearing, smelling, tasting and seeing ~ children experience relationships and develop skills for future learning. In addition to cuddling, nurturing and providing for your child's basic needs, SPLPCCC caregivers are also making sure each child has the ability to experience activities that will help them expand their physical, language, cognitive, social and emotional skills through activities like stories, music time, and simple games.

​Toddler Program: ​Toddlers are extremely curious and active learners. They are eager to explore and to let you know what they like and what they need. Their language and literacy skills are growing and they are more able to vocalize, communicate and problem solve. They are able to think mathematically noticing different colors and shapes, putting things in order by size, and matching and sorting objects. They are even little scientists, trying to figure out how everything they can get their hands on works. The teachers at SPLPCCC foster this development by providing toddlers with all the tools and activities needed to grow and learn in a way that is developmentally appropriate and geared towards each child's unique personality.

Preschool Program: Our preschool program focuses on fun and positive learning experiences that will prepare your child for future elementary school study.  Students develop social, physical, and cognitive skills through interactive, hands-on experiences.  Early childhood teaching is often theme-based and always age appropriate.  Students participate in several activities daily that promote the development of fine and gross motor skills, mathematical thinking, and literacy skills.